Civil Litigation Self Help

This self help page is a resource for representing yourself in a civil litigation matter. One of the library's goals is to provide tools and information for non-attorneys to learn about and act upon their legal rights. This page is intended to fill the information gap that particularly exists in the context of civil litigation where there are few court approved forms.

What you will find here is a starting point for learning about and starting to draft court documents. You may need to visit our library for additional research on document drafting, procedural law, strategy, or the specific law of your case called substantive law - for example; what you need to prove to win a breach of contract case.

Pleading Paper - The Starting Point for Court Documents

A sample of pleading paper is here:

Pleading Paper Download (Microsoft Word)

Tips for use: Any final formatting decisions are up to the end user. This pleading paper example is meant to comply with UTCR 2.010 but the user should review it for accuracy. Finally, whether or not a certain section needs certain information is a decision to be made from reviewing local rules, laws, and form documents.

Court Rules - Statewide and Local

This is a compilation of many of the most accessed court rules for Lane County litigants:

Lane County Court Rules Deskbook

If you need help locating a court rule, feel free to contact the librarian for assistance in beginning your research at 541-682-4337.

Finding Forms, Examples and Sample Language

The library has many electronic and print document samples and forms. Most are not "fill in the blank forms" but instead, something you can use to create documents by typing in to the above pleading paper along with information and law specific to your case.

As an example of some of the "forms" our library has, here is an index of most of the Oregon specific examples/forms in our library, most are located in the Oregon State Bar BarBooks series: Oregon Form Index (PDF). Again, you can use Control+F to search for specific terms.

Drafting documents takes care and hard work. There are too many fact scenarios to have a form for every document in every case in every state.There may not be a good sample for some documents from an Oregon source. You may need to make use of a more general source,and through research ensure that you are using Oregon Law within your content.

Frequently Requested Documents:


This page is not intended to act as a substitute for legal advice from an attorney. Any information that is provided is not assured to be all the information you need for a topic but those sources which may be helpful. As a self-represented litigant, your case is ultimately your responsibility. We encourage patrons to consult with or retain an attorney before undertaking litigation on their own behalf.

This site is intended to be used in conjunction with our physical library. Some documents can be delivered by email, while others you may need to come to the library to determine which document you need from a series of many.

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