In 2017, the Lane County Board of Commissioners adopted the Beaver-Hunsaker Corridor Plan following a year of community engagement to address the transportation needs on Beaver Street and Hunsaker Lane. The recommendations include adding sidewalks and bike lanes, but not widening the road for vehicular traffic. Safety concerns about high vehicle speeds and volumes with the lack of a place for people to walk were priorities that shaped the recommendations. The plan also recommended a bike path be extended from Beaver Street to Wilkes Drive along Eugene's urban growth boundary.

In 2018, Lane County was successful in securing a federal grant to take the design concepts recommended in the corridor plan to the next step of developing design details, such as sidewalk locations, high-visibility and raised pedestrian crossings to also slow vehicles, and stormwater management. The funds will become available in 2021, at which time, Lane County will meet with the community again to refine the design.

There is currently no construction funding identified, but Lane County is continuing to work with other agencies, including Eugene, Lane Transit District, and Oregon Department of Transportation to prioritize investments in the area.

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