About Us - Now and Then

Sheriff's Office Badge Our Mission:  To Conserve the Peace
Our Values:  Committed to Justice and Integrity; Sworn to Protect Lane County; Honored to Serve
Our Service Priorities:  Safety; Courtesy; Professionalism

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Sheriff Harrold
    Sheriff Clifton G. Harrold

 Chief Deputy Wilkerson  Picture of CaptainCaptain Mann
     Chief Deputy Wilkerson                      Jail Captain Riley                    Patrol Captain Mann    

Picture of Lt.Picture of Lt.
 Jail Alt Programs Lt. Rice                 Operations Support Lt. Brown                        
SSM HillLt. Glessner
Support Svc Manager Hill        Patrol Lt. Glessner                Security Lt. Jason Moore

Lane County Sheriff's Office History
Are you interested in what the Lane County Jail looked like in 1856?  How about Sheriff's badges from years ago?   The Lane County Sheriff's Office has a long, and interesting history.  Follow the links below for:

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