Program Overview 

The Firewise Grant Incentive Program is administered by the Lane County Land Management Division's Long Range Planning and Building programs, with funding provided through Title III of the Federal Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Program - Section 601 of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The grant program offers homeowners in rural Lane County financial assistance to make their homes better able to survive wildfires. To qualify for the Firewise Grant you just need to own a home outside of an urban growth boundary in Lane County that's at risk to wildfire - that's it! (View our eligibility map here.) 

Each of our grant incentives is based on current wildfire research that helps your home greatly reduce the chance of burning during a wildfire. Up to $15,500 in grant funding is available for qualifying properties. 

2021 Grant Application

The 2021 Firewise Grant Incentive Program accepted applications through Friday, May 28th, 2021 via a lottery-styled priority system. Applications will be accepted after May28th, pending funding and availability. Learn how to make your property more firewise by signing up! 

If you'd like to be added to our email notification list, please email with your contact information. 

Apply for the 2021 Lane County Firewise Improvement Grant Application by clicking here.

We are currently processing all of the applications that came in during our lottery process to determine how much funding and availability there is for potential future 2021 grants.

Interested? Here's how it works

1.   Fill out a short  Firewise  Grant Improvement Application and submit it to the Lane County Land Management Division by May 28th to enter the priority lottery-styled system. Learn more here.

2.  Staff will contact you to schedule a property risk assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to determine what improvements you may qualify for and to discuss measures you can take to reduce your vulnerability to wildfire.

3.  After your property has been assessed you will receive a preliminary financial award agreement from the County. Sign and return the agreement. Once the signed agreement is received your grant will be authorized.

4.  Carry out the agreed upon improvements to your home and landscaping within a specified timeline (generally 6 months). Please Note: All work reimbursable by the county must be completed by a licensed contractor or professional landscaper.

5.  Submit a reimbursement request form along with copies of your contractor receipts. Staff will re-visit your home to verify the work has been completed to the agreed upon standards.

6.  Once Staff has verified that the work has been satisfactorily completed Lane County will issue you a reimbursement check.  - Please be aware: it can take at least 60 days to issue you a check due to county accounting practices.


2021 Firewise Grant Application Form

Property Owner Authorization Form (if applying on behalf of the property owner)

Reimbursement Request Form, (Exhibit B)  (FRR-F2)

Landscaper & Contractor Information

Landscaper & Contractor contact list  - Please note: Lane County does not endorse any of the businesses or individuals on this list. If you are a licensed landscaper, arborist or forester and would like to be added to this list, please contact us at (541) 682-6522.
CCB License Check 
        - LCB License Check 

Recommended Learning

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Click here for more information and archived videos can be found on the Fire Program Online Webinar Guide

For more information contact: 

Lane County Firewise Incentive Program

Lane County Public Works Department: Land Management Division
Customer Service Center: 3050 N Delta Hwy, Eugene, OR 97408
Phone: 458-221-3425  |  541-682-6522

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 Additional Resources:

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