Transportation Safety Action Plan

On July 18, 2017, the Lane County Board of Commissioners adopted Lane County's first-ever Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP). The TSAP prioritizes the problems and solutions to make efficient use of limited resources. It recommends actions to respond preventatively to systemic causes with multidisciplinary solutions that include enforcement, engineering, and education.

Transportation safety is a significant public health issue. In Lane County, roadway fatalities are the leading cause of death for ages 1- 24. Lane County had more traffic fatalities than any other county in Oregon, with 45 deaths in 2014 and 57 deaths in 2015. While there is more traffic in the cities, most of the roadway fatalities were in rural areas, outside city limits.

Lane County is committed to addressing this public health issue. The TSAP was developed in collaboration with Lane Council of Governments and Oregon Department of Transportation. The planning process involved crash data analysis with multi-disciplinary stakeholders to develop priorities or "emphasis areas" as follows:

Vulnerable Users -- youth, the elderly, and people walking, riding bikes or driving motorcycles -- are the most vulnerable users of the transportation system and have the highest risk of fatality when a collision occurs.

Risky Behaviors -- driving too fast, driving under the influence, and distracted driving are the behaviors creating the most risk for fatal and severe-injury collisions.

Infrastructure -- most of the severe-injury and fatal collisions occur on the higher-speed and higher-volume roadways known as arterial and collector streets. On these roads, the most severe collisions involve roadway departures.

Addressing these highest-risk priorities involves a series of education, enforcement, and engineering actions recommended in the Transportation Safety Action Plan. Given the enormity of the problem, the tools of any one sector will not solve it alone. Together we can save lives and reduce suffering.

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