2019-2020 Budget Process

Service Option Sheets

SOS Summary

1. SO Civil Process Transport Security
2. SO Law Enforcement, 911 Response
3. SO Mandatory and Evidence-Based Inmate Services
4. SO Marine Patrol, Enforcement and Water Rescue
5. SO Offender Community Service
6. SO Resident Deputies
7. SO Search and Rescue (SAR)
8. SO Violent & Sex Crimes Investigations
9. SO Jail Capacity
10. DA Family Law
11. DA Death Investigations
12. DA Criminal Prosecution
13. DA Victims' Services
14. Emergency Management
15. HHS YS Detention
16. HHS Nutrition Services
17. HHS Phoenix Residential Treatment Program
18. HHS Supervision Services
19. HHS YS Administration
20. HHS MLK Jr Education Center
21. HHS Program Services
22. HHS Restorative Services
23. HHS BHS Commitment Investigation
24. BH Crisis Center
25. HHS Communicable Disease Control
26. HHS Health Svc High Risk Preg Women-Infants
27. HHS Human Services
28. HHS Resource Development
29. HHS Veteran Services
30. HHS Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Pgrm
31. PW Animal Services
32. Dawn to Dawn Shelter
33. Homeless Systems Transformation
34. ND Public Health Bldg Debt Service Payments
35. Prop Tax Assmt, Collection & Distribution
36. CClerk Board of Property Tax Appeals
37. CClerk Elections and Voter Registration
38. Justice Courts
39. CClerk Recording, Research, Marriage Licenses
40. PW Property Management
C1. Budget Financial Planning
C2. County Governance
C3. County Records Retention Management
C4. Equity & Access
C5. Finance Services - Central
C6. Intergovernmental Relations
C7. Performance Auditor
C8. Mail Room
C9. Operations Admin
C10. Public Information Officer
C11. Warehouse
C12. Legal Services
C13. Risk Management
C14. Workers Compensation
C15 HR Administration
C16 HR Labor Relations
C17 HR Workforce Wellness Solutions
C18. HR Talent Management
C19. PW Facilities
C20. ND General Fund Reserve & Contingency
C21. ND Federal Lobbying
C22. ND Countywide Intergov Dues & Agreements
C23. ND Misc Non-Departmental Expense Items
C24. ND Public Access Television
C25. ND Capital Planning Reserve