Public Records

Oregon’s open government laws promote democracy and transparency. Oregonians have a right to know how their government works and spends money. This page will help you understand and exercise your right to access government information. 

Information regarding Oregon's Public Records and Meeting Law can be found here:

To request public records, submit this form:
Public Records Request

To request an appeal of a denial of a Public Records request, submit this form:
Appeal a Denial of Your Request for Records

District Attorneys are required to send copies of the public records orders they issue to the Attorney General.  Listed below are copies of orders from the Lane County District Attorney's office.
Hursey July 2018
Schaper July 2018
Schaper July 2018
Schmidt October 2018
Jacoby January 2019
Jacoby January 2019 
Kuzava February 2019
Scripps April 2019
Topize April 2019
Daib May 2019
Welp May 2019
Scalpone March 2020

Thielman April 2020
Henried-Broooks February 2021
Schaper April 2021
Espina May 2021
Banta May 2021
Vicari May 2021
Shannon June 2021
Krauss July 2021
Osoinach August 2021
Laczkowski November 2021
Rodman December 2021