Agency Admin

Roles & Responsibilities of Agency Admins (Super Users)
  • Setting up Workstations, applying PKI
  • Training staff
  • End user support/resetting passwords
  • Monthly Data Quality Reports
  • Deactivating Users
  • Attend Agency Admin meeting (occurs every other month)
  • Quarterly State and City Reports

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Who are the Agency Admin?

1st Place Family
Carmen Cervantes
Ilana Jakubowski
Joshua Muller
Michael Yoshioka
Stacey Yates

Catholic Community Services         
Chris Pickering
Katie Giles
Tami Kinman

Centro Latino Americano
Ana Contreras

Community Sharing 
Mike Fleck

Eugene Mission
Johnna Wheeler

Food for Lane County
Adele Berlinski
Carrie Copeland

Homes for Good
Amy Cook
Katie Dockery

Lane County Workforce
Daphne Weller

Laurel Hill
Diana Johnson
Pamela Nyburg 

Looking Glass
James Ewell

Mainstream Housing
Gwen Barnes

Oakridge Food Pantry

Marcia Ledbetter

Pearl Buck      
Sophie Stipek

Relief Nursery
Mirtha Strugo

Cara Ashworth
Dana Petersen
Leonie Daniels
Lindsay Weiss
Susanne Fendler

Siuslaw Outreach Services     
Marie Hickman
Tim Weese

Jessica Gordius

St Vincent de Paul -Lindholm   
Kayla Pollard
Marianne Schlies
Melinda Zugelder
Roxanne O'Brien
Tim Black

St Vincent de Paul - Housing
Alyssa Hoekman
Bonnie Haight
Casi Totten
Daniel Dickens
Foster Martinez
Marci Lecompte

Veteran Affairs
Nicholas Paszkiet
Shannon Smyth

White Bird
Cassidy Cockle
Heather Sielicki

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