Poverty and Homelessness Board

151 W 7th Ave, Room 560
Eugene, OR  97401 



Board Meeting Webcasts
Starting October 2018, all Poverty and Homelessness Board meetings are webcast and available to watch here: https://lanecounty.ompnetwork.org/


The Poverty and Homelessness Board (PHB) is an action oriented group of elected officials, community stakeholders, and individuals who represent low-income and homeless people's concerns.

Meeting Schedule

The PHB meets the third Thursday of each month, noon to 1:30 p.m. 

NEW: You can watch LIVE on Comcast Channel 21 or at https://lanecounty.ompnetwork.org/

Alternating Poverty and Homeless Board and PBH Executive Committee meetings and locations.

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The Board Membership consists of 15 voting positions- A quorum for the purpose of doing business shall be a majority of the PHB membership which constitutes half plus one.  6 Ex officio members attend meetings and participate in the discussion representing their agencies.

Membership Term

Elected representatives shall serve for a term of one year, which terms shall begin within thirty days after the beginning of the calendar year. 
Community and Citizen Members shall serve for terms of three years, except that of the members first appointed, two (2) shall serve for a term of one year, three (3) shall serve for a term of two years, and three (3) shall serve for a term of three years.

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Advisory Committee Vacancies for the Poverty and Homelessness Board

Date: Updated February 20, 2019

Contact: Alexandria Dreher, Alexandria.Dreher@co.lane.or.us

The Lane County Board of Commissioners in cooperation with the Cities of Eugene and Springfield through the Human Services Division (HSD) is seeking applications to fill one (1) position on the Poverty and Homelessness Board (PHB): One (1) Rural Elected Official Representative.

The Poverty and Homelessness Board (PHB) provides advice to the Board of County Commissioners and the intergovernmental Human Services Commission with the goal of reducing and preventing poverty and homelessness in Lane County. It assists the development of the delivery of housing and services to meet the specific needs of people who are impoverished or homeless improving their stability. It assists to maximize the allocation of local, state, and federal funds made available for this purpose. It serves as the administrative board for the Lane County Community Action Agency and as the oversight board for the Lane County Continuum of Care.

Its tasks shall include: participate in the development of the county’s planning , implementation, and monitoring of performance and evaluate outcomes of programs serving low-income and homeless persons; develop and review program polices and priorities; assure the coordination and implementation of a housing and human service system; review coordinated assessment system for service access; review and approve privacy, security, and data quality plans, policies and procedures, and performance measures for the Human Services Management Information System; review the process for performance improvement ;participate in a point-in-time count of homeless persons that is conducted at least biannually; review an annual gaps analysis that is conducted of homelessness needs and services; develop program and financial priorities for the distribution of public funds; assure a collaborative, fair, and transparent process for developing priorities for projects to be submitted in grant applications to funders; and, review the efficiency and effectiveness of funding expenditures for funded activities

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The Rural Elected Official representative is someone who is an elected official in a jurisdiction (city, town, etc.) in Lane County that is not the City of Eugene or City of Springfield.

STAFFING: Department of Health and Human Services

MEETS: All-member meetings bi-monthly, or as needed

MEMBERSHIP: The Poverty and Homelessness Board shall consist of fifteen (15) voting members appointed by the Lane County Board of Commissioners. Representation shall be as follows: A third of the members shall be public officials currently serving or their designees; a third of the members shall be representatives of low-income persons in Lane County selected democratically; a third of the members shall represent business, law enforcement, the private philanthropic sector, faith-based organizations, education, healthcare or other major groups of interest in the community.

Public officials shall consist of one Lane County Commissioner, one City of Eugene, one City of Springfield and one rural Lane County elected official, one at-large elected official. The Board shall also consist of six (6) non-voting ex-officio participants representing governmental agencies and departments that are responsible for housing, employment, health and human services and public welfare and continuum of care grant co-applicants.

The third Thursday of the month, noon to 1:30 p.m. Committee meeting times vary.

24 CFR 578.7, ORS 458.505; 42 U.S.C. 11301

 One (1) vacancy. One (1) Rural Elected Official Representative.

Elected representatives shall serve for a term of one (1) year, which terms shall begin within thirty days after the beginning of the calendar year. 

Open until filled.

Email electronic applications to Diana.Alldredge@co.lane.or.us.

Hardcopy applications can be mailed or faxed to:
Diana Alldredge
Lane County Human Services Division
151 W. 7th Avenue, Room 560, Eugene, OR 97401
Fax: (541) 682-9839.

Online application forms are available on the Lane County website: http://www.lanecounty.org/UserFiles/Servers/Server_3585797/File/Government/Advisory%20Boards%20and%20Commissions/Committee%20Application%20Forms/applicationadvisorycommittee.pdf

PHB Governance Charter

PHB Strategic Plan 2016-2021

PHB Strategic Plan 2016-2021
Living Document-PHB Strategic Plan Matrix:  
The Poverty and Homelessness Board actively coordinates community stakeholders to achieve the goals in their Strategic Plan (2016-2021).  This is a living document that is consistently updated.  Please check back for updates on progress towards achieving Strategic Plan goals.