2019 Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19

Lane County Public Health is working closely with the Oregon Health Authority to monitor the international outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, called COVID‑19. 

What does it mean?

Increased cases, including spread in the community. Available but stressed capacity in health care facilities.

Take measures to limit most contact and modify everyday activities to reduce personal exposure.

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State Two-Week Freeze Information


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View the latest case and testing data for Lane County


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View the Lane County Public Health weekly surveillance report. (Updated weekly.)


School Re-opening Resources


Non-Emergency Call Center

The call center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 541-682-1380
Closed on Holidays and Closed Friday November 27,2020




  • Take measures to limit contact with those outside of your immediate household.
  • Modify everyday activities to reduce personal exposure.
  • Limit gatherings to essential activities.
  • Limit in person social activities for children and teens.
  • Take precautions when in shared spaces including wearing a face covering and maintaining 6 feet of physical distance.
  • Limit to essential travel.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap frequently.  Use hand sanitizer when soap is not available.
  • Clean high touch surfaces often.
  • Monitor yourself and household members for COVID-19 symptoms and call a healthcare provider if you are showing symptoms.
  • If someone in your household is feeling sick isolate them when possible.
  • Answer the call from Public Health to help us reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Take time for self-care and mental health.
  • Check in with friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to see how they are doing.


  • Cancel non-essential social gatherings or switch to virtual
  • If you do hold a gathering take maximum precautions to protect anyone in attendance
    • Hold the event outdoors
    • Limit the number of people to an amount that can maintain 6’ physical distance.
    • Limit the length of the event.
    • Require face coverings.
    • Do not share food or drink – no potlucks.
    • Offer handwashing stations and hand sanitizer.

    CDC Gathering Guidance



Thanksgiving activities:

  • Activities with members of your household – low risk
    • Cooking at home
    • Decorating and crafts
    • Take a family walk or go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Preparing traditional family recipes for family and neighbors and delivering them in a way that doesn’t involve contact with others – low risk
  • Virtual watch party – Parades, Sports or a favorite movie – low risk
  • Shopping online rather than in person on the day after Thanksgiving or the next Monday – low risk
  • Small Group Activities that can be done outside where physical distance can be maintained and face coverings worn.- moderate risk
  • Open-air Fall Attractions where appropriate face covering use is enforced and people can remain more than 6 feet apart. moderate risk
    • Orchards or farms
    • Attending a small outdoor sports events with safety precautions in place
  • It is NOT recommended to travel or gather with family or friends from outside of your community.

Lane County Holiday Resources
State Guidance
CDC Holiday Guidance



Housing in which each individual or family has private living quarters but shares with other residents a common dining room, recreational room, or other facilities.

  • Face coverings required in any shared spaces.
  • Barriers and physical distancing practices in place
  • Enhanced cleaning of shared spaces and high touch surfaces
  • Limit Indoor, in-person social or co-curricular activities.
  • Close common recreation areas.
  • Limit number of visitors numbers and frequency of visits
  • Increased testing of residents and staff, where applicable


  • Primarily virtual instruction
  • Schools that have already begun in-person instruction may continue within Oregon Department of Education approved plans.
  • In-person instruction limited to Oregon Department of Education exceptions under approved plans that follow public health guidance.

Link to School Reopening Information



  • Remote or telework is the preferred choice for as many employees as possible
  • Face coverings required in any shared space whether public or private.
  • Barriers and physical distancing practices in place.
  • Enhanced cleaning especially of shared spaces and high touch surfaces.
  • Businesses are recommended to refer to state Phase 1 sector specific guidance.
  • Limited operations for personal services like salons and barbers, gyms, and malls within state guidance.
  • Limited Operations for restaurants and bars.
  • Reduce or close indoor seating
  • Reduce hours of operations
  • Focus on to-go and delivery options.

Link to Business Recovery Information


  • Urgent Care/Emergency Needs
  • Use Telemedicine options when available.
  • Call your provider to discuss:
    • Immunizations
    • Chronic Condition Management
    • Medication needs
    • Dental Care Needs

Fact Sheets (Oregon Health Authority)

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