River Rd Santa Clara Stormwater Basin Master Plan

River Road/Santa Clara Stormwater Basin Master Plan


The City of Eugene and Lane County invite public comment on the final draft River Road-Santa Clara Stormwater Basin Master Plan.  The 20-year plan describes the City and County's proposed approach to managing stormwater in this area of mixed jurisdiction in the northwest corner of the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area.  The approach includes flood control, water quality, and stormwater related natural resource strategies.

Final River Road/Santa Clara Stormwater Master Plan 2012

This document is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. 

Why is a stormwater basin master plan needed?

A stormwater basin master plan is needed to plan for stormwater system improvements and to provide a management strategy for stormwater that reflects the uniqueness of the River Road – Santa Clara stormwater basin.

What is a stormwater basin?

The term basin is typically used to refer to a defined surface area that drains to a common discharge point. However, for the purposes of this study, the term basin is used to refer to a specific study area (River Road – Santa Clara) which includes several discharge points, or drainage systems: A-1 Channel, Flat Creek, Spring Creek, East Santa Clara Waterway, and Highway 99.

When was this document developed?

The Initial Study for the River Road - Santa Clara Basin Master Plan was developed in 2002, and was held in draft form pending resolution of inter-jurisdictional issues as well as additional information gathering and analysis. In 2004, subsequent to entering into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA), the City of Eugene and Lane County commenced with a joint effort to finalize the Initial Study. Outreach to the River Road and Santa Clara Community Organizations was conducted periodically throughout the process. This report incorporates feedback received from these initial public outreach efforts. 

For more information please contact:

Therese Walch
Water Resources Manager
City of Eugene Public Works Engineering
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Mauria Pappagallo, PE
Water Resources Coordinator
Lane County Public Works
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