Stormwater Permitting and Code References

County stormwater permitting differs depending on the location of your project as well as the size of your project.


Facilities permits

All development within the County that has the potential to change drainage hydrology that discharges to a right-of-way that is subject to County jurisdiction can only be authorized through facility permits through the County Road Maintenance Division.


Eugene/Springfield Metro Area Stormwater Permitting

If your project is within the Eugene-Springfield metro area your project may also need additional stormwater permits.  The County stormwater system must meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) stormwater requirements that are outlined in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Phase II general permit which was issued in March of 2019. In order to meet these requirements, the County works closely with the Cities of Eugene and Springfield. The current County stormwater code is primarily focused on the urbanized areas within the Urban Growth Boundary. 


If your site is within the Urban Growth Boundary of the Cities of Eugene and Springfield you will likely need to meet City stormwater permitting requirements:

  • If your site is within the urban growth boundary of the City of Eugene (West of I-5), please coordinate with the City of Eugene Building and Permit Services on all stormwater related development standards. 
  • If your site is within the urban growth boundary of the City of Springfield (East of I-5), please coordinate with City of Springfield Development & Public Works Resource Center.


Need to know if your property is in the UGB? Search for your property on our interactive maps page. Note: Once on this page click the layers button to open the Table of Contents, expand the boundaries options, then you can check to be sure that both the Urban Growth Boundary and City Limits lines are turned on.


Future changes to stormwater permitting within the metro area: The new MS4 Phase II General Permit from DEQ requires that the County update our stormwater code as well as the properties requiring stormwater permits (see the map on our main stormwater program page).  The County is in the process of working through these stormwater code changes, changes are required to be in effect by 2023.


Quick Reference: Stormwater Policy Links

  • Illicit Discharge Code: Lane Code 5.747 assists the County in minimizing pollutant loading to our stormwater system which has the potential to transport pollutants to waters of the state.

  • Illegal Dumping Code: Lane Code 9.020  from a stormwater perspective, this code assists in minimizing pollutant loading to our stormwater system that could be transported to waters of the state.

  • Roadway Stormwater Design: Lane Manual 15.515 states that the sole use of roadside ditches and other drainage facilities within the right-of-way shall be designed solely for drainage of the roadway.

  • Goshen Stormwater Code: Lane Code LC 16.280(d) for development within the Goshen Industrial zones (GI,LI).

  • Construction Stormwater Code: Lane Code 9.945 for City of Eugene UGB and Lane Code 9.946 for City of Springfield UGB.


If you have questions, feel free to reach out to the County Water Resources Manager Mauria Pappagallo at