The seven member committee consists of one member from each Commissioner's voting district to serve the same term of office as the Commissioner making the appointment, plus two at-large members. The term of office is four years and ends on December 31 for Commissioner appointees and June 30 for at-large members.

District Committee Member

 1 - West Lane, Commissioner Bozievich

 Donald Saxon

 Dec 31, 2022

 2 - Springfield, Commissioner Berney

 Robin Mayall, Vice Chair

 Dec 31, 2022

 3 - South Eugene, Commissioner Sorenson

 Gwen Jaspers

 Dec 31, 2020

 4 - North Eugene, Commissioner Farr

 Tom Poage

 Dec 31, 2020

 5 - East Lane, Commissioner Buch

 John Marshall  Dec 31, 2022


 Kevin Woodworth, Chair

 June 30, 2021


 Chris Hazen

 Dec 31, 2022

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