Land Use Planning & Zoning Handouts

The following handouts contain answers to common questions regarding development in rural Lane County.  The handouts are in PDF format.  If you do not have the free reader, you can download it at the Adobe Website.

Please contact the Planner on Duty with application questions at (541) 682-3577, or visit the Land Management Office.

**Please note that amendments to Lane Code 16.090, 16.210, 16.211, 16.212, 16.215, and 16.264 went into effect on February 14, 2019 (Ord. 18-08). 
Handouts and Application forms are in the process of being updated.** 

General Information and Procedural Handouts:

*Online Property Research Tools Handout *

Application Standards Handout (3/2019)

Permit Review Meeting Checklist (08/2018)

Building and Road Setbacks handout

Common Rural Zones Handout

How to Prepare a Site Plan Handout

Lane County Soils Ratings for Forest and Ag Uses (Provided by LCOG)

Owner Authorization Form

Planning Director Review Handout (08/2018)

Stormwater Information

Wetlands Handouts

Zone Change/Comprehensive Plan Amendment Handout (08/2018)


Specific Handouts:

Agriculture/Equine Building Handout (08/2019)

Building at the Coast Handout (08/2018)

Building in Florence UGB Handout (08/2018)

Dock Registration Handout (08/2018)

Dog Kennels (3/2019)

Dwellings in the F-1 Zone

Dwellings in the F-2 Zone Handout

Events at Wineries Handout (for winery operators)

Dwellings in the EFU Zone Handout 

Fences Handout (4/2021)

Firebreak Handout

Firebreak Photo Review Handout

Fire Safety Standards for Roads Handout

General Floodplain Handout (08/2018)

General Zoning Information

Floodplain: Substantial Improvement Handout (08/2018)

Land Division Handout (08/2018)

Lawfully Established Units of Land (10/2020) (Formerly: Legal Lot Verification)

Property Line Adjustment Handout

Riparian Regulation Handout

Riparian Enhancement Plans in the Floodplain Handout (08/2018)

RV's - Emergency Temporary Handout

Wildfire Type II Temporary Storage (Accessory Structures)

Land Use Application Forms 

Covenants & Easements