Crime Prevention

Sheriff's Office BadgeThe Lane County Sheriff's Office offers a variety of programs and information to assist community members in their crime prevention efforts.   Our goal is to help increase the quality of life of our visitors and residents by providing information that will help decrease crime in our neighborhoods. 

Speed Trailer

Volunteer with Speed TrailerThe Lane County Sheriff's Office Speed Trailer is a mobile, solar powered speed reader that lets passing motorists know how fast they are travelling.  The Speed Trailer has been very effective at reducing dangerous driving behavior. 

To request the speed trailer for a specific location, please call 541-682-4179.

Record the Serial Numbers for Your Property

A great and easy way to increase the chances of being reunited with your stolen property is to record the serial numbers and identifying features of valuables and other items in your home.  A form has been created and is available below for your convenience, but the serial numbers and identifying information can be recorded on a regular piece of paper if that's what works best for you!  What matters is that you have the information to provide to law enforcement in the unfortunate event that you are the victim of theft or burglary.  Serial numbers and other identifying features of property greatly assist law enforcement agencies in returning your property to you, but it only helps if you have the information before your items are taken.

Take a moment to record your serial numbers of items such as computers, cameras, televisions, and other items that have an increased chance of being stolen.  If an item does not have a serial number, you can take photos of the items and any identifying features that would be helpful to law enforcement.  Make a copy of the Serial Number Record and put it in a safe place.  Many people store the information electronically and email it to themselves so it's accessible even if your computer or tablet is stolen.

You do not need to turn the form into law enforcement, but it will assist you in providing information should you need to make a report of stolen property.

Thank you for taking this important step in helping us return your property to you!

Serial Record Form