General Information FAQ

Sheriff's Office Badge

Can I get a shoulder patch from the Sheriff’s Office? Can I trade a patch?

The Sheriff’s Office does not sell or trade patches. Present-day security concerns have resulted in a policy that prevents distribution of patches.

Who do I talk to about having a Deputy or K9 attend our Neighborhood Watch, Safety Fair, or other event?

For neighborhood watch, safety fair events, etc., contact Volunteer Coordinator, Sgt. Carrie Carver at 541-682-4179.

To request K9 attendance or demonstration at your event, contact Sgt. Richard Glessner by email, or by phone at 541-682-4150, extension 9589 to leave a message.

I’d like to do a ride-along. Who do I call? Is there a certain age or requirement to have one?

Application and instructions can be downloaded here.

I plan on getting an alarm system for my house. Will the Sheriff’s Office respond if the alarm company calls when the alarm goes off?

The Sheriff’s Office currently has a “verified response” alarm policy. We adopted this policy after statistics confirmed that the majority of alarms to which we responded were false activations. With our staffing reductions, this policy became necessary in order to keep our deputies clear for actual emergency calls.

We will respond to any alarm that is activated by a person on scene, such as a panic button or duress alarm. For other alarms, such as motion detectors, glass breakage, and general burglar alarms, we require verification that the alarm is legitimate before deputies will respond. Verification can be made by a neighbor, family member, private security company, etc.

It is important that you work with your alarm company to make sure they are contacting the proper authorities for the alarm installed to ensure the correct emergency resource is dispatched. For example, if you have a Lifeline alarm, the alarm company should be contacting the fire department, not the Sheriff’s Office.

A street sign is down, who do I notify?

If the sign in question is a stop sign, contact our Dispatch Center at 541-682-4150 option 1. Stop signs are a priority, and crews work 24/7 to replace them.

If the sign in question is a street sign or other non-critical sign, contact Lane County Public Works at 541-682-6900, or report it to them via email.

Please provide information about the condition of the sign post when reporting downed signs. This allows crews to know if a replacement post will be necessary, or if the sign merely needs to be re-set. If a sign is damaged, this information should also be reported.

Can I target shoot in the woods?

Two county codes prohibit shooting at live standing timber and the unsafe discharge of firearms, which would include shooting in an area with no safe backstop, shooting on a roadway or ATV trail, or shooting in the direction of a residence.

I’m having a party. Do I need a permit to serve alcohol? For noise?

Generally, private citizens serving alcohol at their residence in a social setting do not require a permit to do so. Permits are generally needed only if a person is selling alcoholic beverages. For further information, you can go to or call the Oregon Liquor Control Commission at 541-686-7739.

Regarding noise concerns, there is not a permitting process currently in place for low level noise. For specifics, and to confirm if you need to pursue a permit, you should contact Code Enforcement for Lane County Land Management at 541-682-3724.

We’re having a parade or an event, such as a bicycle race. Do I need a permit?

Yes, a parade conducted on a public street or roadway requires a permit. Contact Lane County Public Works at 541-682-6900 to get information on the permitting process.

How do I find out if the house I’m renting, buying, living in, or next to was a meth house?

The State of Oregon provides information regarding properties that a law enforcement agency has declared by to be unfit for use due to meth lab and/or storage activities. You can find that information on the Building Codes Division – Drug Labs website.

What’s the law on public nudity?

Lane County’s Nudity Ordinance is located in the Lane Code – Chapter 6 – Offenses.